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You're in charge of being recklessly in love.

We're in charge of creating a legacy. And you’ll have peace of mind to know you'll be able to live in the moment.

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I'm Kati, and it’s our mission to help you feel like yourself in front of the camera. Well, that and to photograph your wedding beautifully. But usually, those go hand in hand. ;)

We're a collective of photographers & filmmakers. When you hire Kati's team, you're not only hiring well-trained wedding photographers part-time therapists, you're hiring a team that brings vision and creativity into your day.
We're is not for everyone. We believe in genuine joy and focus on getting you outside of your comfort zone so that you can live in the moment!

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"Kat's team has a gift for capturing the in-between moments that are full of emotion. You can't teach that, but you want to find someone that possesses that gift. And they do. They create a safe environment during engagement sessions using intentional questions & humor, and really makes an effort to get to know her clients so that she can truly capture their personalities on wedding day. If you want pictures that somehow bring back to life the emotions you felt on that special day, choose Kat's team!! You won't regret it." - Anna & Dakota