A Spain and Tulum Mexico Wedding Photographer

Guiding you to feel like yourself in front of my camera. And you'll have a peace of mind you'll be able to live in the moment!

Seen in

Time, People, Brides, Carats and Cake and Magnolia Rouge

Over 10+ Years of Shooting Weddings

Shooting in Spain, Italy, Los Angeles, New York, UK and Destination

Real, Honest, Authentic moments of Raw Joy

My goal is to capture real, honest, authentic beautiful moments of raw joy and freeze it in time.
My mission to to capture joy and adventurous spirits of everyone I interact with.
My goal is to craft an experience that helps couples feel comfortable to show up authentically.
Each wedding is an opportunity to capture joy, experience it, and share it. I want my art to not only be a possession, but rather a vehicle that captures and shares joy to each blooming family.

I’ve learned that stuff doesn’t matter as much as people do. The last thing we will have is our memories, and my art is an opportunity to make memories tangible and memorable.

Love Notes

"Katherine has a gift for capturing the in-between moments that are full of emotion. You can't teach that, but you want to find someone that possesses that gift.”