When you work with our team, you’re not just booking someone to take photos of you and also keeps it real with you all – you’re getting direct access to my approach that I’ve refined from shooting 100+ weddings from luxurious weddings to intimate elopements on a mountainside.

Because my process is built on trust, I want to show you why and how we're able to obtain beautiful wedding moments.

Chances are you've had an uncomfortable photography experience before. Some photographers want to pose every moment and control everything to where you will miss out on the real moments (and you’ll be pretty exhausted).

We know when to step on the gas and when to let moments unfold. I believe there's a balance to it.

On a wedding day, our team's skill is knowing when to step in and direct to tell you what to do. During family formals, we're not afraid to call out Aunt Becky that was busy getting drunk at the bar.

During your portrait session, I have specific exercises I've trained my team to do that draw the best out of you so that you don’t have to worry if you’re gonna feel weird, look weird or worry that you’re not being yourself. You will be able to let go and enjoy the moment with the love of your life.

We bring a vision, creativity and focus on getting you outside of your comfort zone so that you can live in the moment.  

The other part of my style and the reason why couples love to work with us is because we know when to let your authentic moments unfold.

If you’re the kind of person that resists stepping out of your comfort zone or wants to control every little detail, we might not be the best fit. If you’re just price-shopping for a vendor, we might not be a good fit.

However if you’re the kind of person who values creativity, can trust us, then we’d be a great fit to work together!

Diversity + Inclusion

Love is love. Love is love. Love Is LOVE!

As a first generation Latina and being apart of the LGBTQ+ community, one of our values as a photographer is supporting all kinds of love and couples We are proud to photograph couples of all shapes, genders, color, and sexuality.

The Real Questions VIEW ALL
Do we get all the photos?
Yes ma'am! The only photos that aren't delivered are the blinking ones, the blurry ones, and the ones with awkward angles that I know you won't want to have!

You'll receive around 500-900. Sometimes more depending on how much happens on your day and how long we're photographing your day.
Where are you all based out of?
Our associates are based out of New York and California. With half of Kat's weddings are destination weddings, we always have our bags packed!
What if you haven’t shot at my venue?
Being a destination wedding photographer, 50% of our weddings we photograph each year are new venues we've never photographed before. The reason you don't have to worry about us photographing at your wedding venue for the first time is because we are extremely educated in finding the BEST light to make you all look good in any and every location.

If we haven't shot at your venue before, we arrive 1 hour before shooting your wedding to find the best locations for family formals, first looks (if any), bridal portraits, and bridal party portraits.
How does working with your associates lead shooters work?
All of Kat's associates have been photographing weddings for over 5 years. They are artists, creatives and well-trained under her to photograph to have the Katherine Joy Experience.
What's included in your cinematography experience?
We deliver a 4-6 Minute Highlight Reel from your day. You will also receive the RAW footage from your day. We deliver video within 14-16 weeks.

Cinematography packages are only available when booking a photography package. If you're unsure about adding cinematography now, you can book it up to 5 months prior to your wedding date.
Should we hire a second photographer?
I recommend it.

A second photographer adds another perspective to the wedding and can ease the stress when there is a situation that requires the lead shooter to be in two places at once. For example:

Getting ready (Cannot be at two places at once!): If the groomsmen are getting ready the same time the bridesmaids are, it's helpful to have a second photographer capture moments of them as well.

Ceremony: During the ceremony, the second photographer helps capture the family's reactions, the groom’s angle during the vows, and the sweet candid moments that happen so quickly while the lead photographer focus on you both. The second photographer also helps capture cocktail hour as well while the lead photographer capture family formals.

Candid moments: During family formals and bridal party portraits, there will endless moments happening between the families, guests and the second shooter's job is to capture the moments happening that the lead photographer won't be able to catch.

I would recommend this if you want to get another perspective.
Do we meet in person with clients beforehand?
After you inquire, we'll meet via Facetime because I think it's super important to meet through a call to see if we'd be a good fit!

After booking, if you booked an engagement session, we'll meet there. If not we'll have another Facetime meeting together before your wedding day.
Do you have past REAL reviews from your couples?
Yes ma'am! I have over 45 reviews on Wedding Wire and Facebook. I don’t expect you to read all of them but I know it’s important to see the real client experience. Here is the link

Wedding Wire —> https://www.weddingwire.com/biz/katherine-joy-photography-and-video-nashville/422571d14602bdba.html

Facebook —>https://www.facebook.com/pg/katherinejoyphoto/reviews/?ref=page_internal 
How do we book?
All we need is a signed contract, a 1/3 retainer to reserve your wedding date. Dates cannot be held until both of these items are received.

COVID19 – retainers are refundable if we are not available on your new date.
Can we have the RAW files?
RAW (unedited) photos won't be delivered to you - you are hiring us for my editing style and trust that we will send you all the right images.
Can we see a full wedding gallery?
YES PLEASE. When you email us, Kat's team will HOOK YOU UP!
Do you travel?
Kat's been traveling all over the world for the last 7 years...luggage is never unpacked. So yes.


Instructing Before a First Look

Post-First Look photographed at the Coast of Cornwall, UK

Post-Elopement Selfie, YASSS

Our Videographer Saul, Working Hard.