You know what’s great about being an adult? You can eat whateverrrr you want.

Freakin straight-up carbs for dinner and call it a meal. No one can yell at you because you’re in charge.

But you know what’s great about being a kid? They see the magic in everything. Their imaginations turn everyday occurrences into epic adventures. I try to live my life on the edge of adulthood. Not because I’m not good at it, because I am (wassup up taxes and health care?!). But because I never want my spirit to feel a day past childhood.


That’s how Katherine Joy studio photographs. We find magic wherever we go: the look you give each other when no one else is around. Or when your mom’s tearing up as you get zipped into your dress. Or when your dad can’t hold it together as he walks you down the aisle. When you sneak away to the bar to take a shot with your BFF during the reception. Or the moment your best man rips the seam of his pants doing the wobble. We’ll get that moment because we’ll be dancing right next to him!


What can we say – Kat's a feisty, pocket-sized Latina that loves to dance.

Our couples have more fun on their wedding day than anyone else I know. But we can’t take all the credit for that—it’s not only because we make our experience stress-free, full of laughs, and free of any stiff posing. It’s because my couples are the freakin best people and they trust us. Are you awesome? Do you trust us? ;)

BTS From Our Wedding Day Portrait Session

Post-Elopement Selfie, YASSS

Our Videographer Saul, Working Hard.

Instructing Before a First Look

Post-First Look photographed at the Coast of Cornwall, UK

Getting Ready for That Dance Floor

Because Details Are Important



Real Reviews

“Katherine Joy […] has a gift for capturing the in-between moments that are full of emotion. You can’t teach that but you want to find someone that possesses that gift. And Katherine Joy does.”