Mentor Sessions (for Photographers)

After years of being in the industry, I’ve failed a lot, learned a lot and have been in places in my business to where I wasn’t booking regularly. Being a business owner for over 8+ years– I’ve changed markets 4-5 different times, I’ve moved to different cities (Nashville, Colorado, Los Angeles) and I’ve made over 6 figures with my clients.

I’ve learned how to book consistently for each market and I want to share my goooods with you all so you can learn from my lessons.

The way I’ve grown in my business is by putting MONEY towards good education. So I advise you do the same to be ready for your Fall/Spring clients.

1.5 Hour One-On-One Mentor Session via Meeting or Face time Call

Topics that I’ll talk about include (1-3 topics during your call):

  • “Posing”, client interaction and directing tips during portrait and couple’s sessions.
  • Client Experience: From inquiry to booking. How to Make Your Clients Love You
  • Website/Portfolio Review: I will go over each page with you.
  • Email Inquires and How to have a higher success rate for booking.
  • Phone Sales
  • Social Media: How to use it successfully for your brand.
  • Attracting Your “Ideal Client”
  • How to work your camera
Before our session, I will have you fill out a questionnaire that will help me better understand where you are in your business, where you need to grow and what you need to focus more on. Then we can talk in-depth of a couple of these topics OR broadly talk about each topic.

To sign up, fill out the contact form below to book your session

In the form, let me know which dates you’re available.

*Note: As of right now, The Live Photo-shoot option and In-Person Meeting is unavailable.

Due to the nature of this service, no refunds will be offered.  Seats are transferable but it will be the responsibility of the seat owner to sell and communicate the transfer of the seat.