Mentor Sessions (for Photographers)

A 1.5 Hour One-On-One Mentor Session via Skype/FaceTime Call

(For Denver Locals, a 1.5 Hour Coffee Mentor Session)

After years of being in the industry, I’ve failed a lot, learned a lot, have gotten burned out several times (gasssssp!😉) that I want to share my goooods with you all so you can learn from my mistakes.

The industry today is so saturated with photographers today that it’s becoming so harder to stand out! The way I’ve grown in my business is by putting MONEY towards good education. So I advise you do the same to be ready for your 2019 clients.

Topics that I’ll talk about include (1-3 topics during your call):

  • “Posing” and Client Interaction for day of shoots to create genuine moments during your session. (It’s not just an inspiring talk, it’s actually legit things I do to create a good couple’s shoot experience.)
  • Website/Portfolio Review: I will go over each page with you. A website with beautiful photos isn’t good enough these days. #2018 AMIRITE?
  • Editing/Lighting Tips 101
  • Social Media: How to use it successfully for your brand.
  • Attracting Your “Ideal Client”
  • Client Experience and Workflow
Before our session, I will have you fill out a questionnaire that will help me better understand where you are in your business, where you need to grow and what you need to focus more on. Then we can talk in-depth of a couple of these topics OR broadly talk about each topic.

Only 10 Spots Available

Please note the variety of  times currently available to choose from are

October 22nd-October 26th 11am-6pm Mountain Standard Time

December 3rd-9th 11am-6pm Mountain Standard Time

$300 $240

To sign up, fill out the contact form below to book your session.


Due to the nature of this service, no refunds will be offered.  Seats are transferable but it will be the responsibility of the seat owner to sell and communicate the transfer of the seat.