I’ve been building this biz for 5 years now. And though I’ve learned so much about myself, I’ve learned even more about the couples I’ve had the privilege to photograph—what makes them smile. Like, really smile. What puts them at ease. Who is important to them on their day. Which moments mean the most to them after the wedding is over.

So our team hunts for those things at every. single. wedding. Like your mom tearing up as you get zipped into your dress. And the dance party you needed with your bridesmaids right before the ceremony. Or when your dad can’t hold it together as he walks you down the aisle. Or when you sneak away to the bar to take a shot with your BFF during the reception.  

I started my business in college. Five years later, I’ve grown this lil biz from a one-woman show to a team of incredibly talented photographers. LEMME INTRODUCE YOU!

AYYYO! I'm Kat.

I'm boujee about random things. I don't eat at a single chain restaurant except Panera Bread. Don't you judge me. That bread bowl is #therepy and we both know it.
I’m a Florida born, Tennessee raised, and Colorado livin Latina. I love the great outdoors just as much as I love the city life. I love going out dancing just as much as I love staying home reading and playing video games. (I’m 100% confident that I'll beat you at Mario Kart and Guitar Hero).

When I'm not traveling around the world, I'm hanging out with my boxer pup (because she’s the cutest puppy in the world), hanging with my ginormous collection of plants…that are currently dead but I can’t seem to let them go #RIP LOL

Beach Hangs in Greece

Location Scouting for a Wedding in San Francisco

Shooting with both eyes open ;)

My Boxer Pup

Finding Secret Swimming Holes

In & Out is Life.


I'm Lauren

I am a mood board obsessed, outdoor loving, Atlanta native living in Nashville, TN.
I’m the GOOD type of OCD when it comes to photographing your wedding. Gimmie all the details because I will 1000% have your back making sure you always look flawless because I GOTCHU!
I’ll most likely be running around in a black turtleneck capturing the in-between moments to organizing all your family members for the perfect photo.

My dream day would start with an easy hike (ain’t no one got time for hills!), eating hundreds of tacos, and hanging with my corgi pup, Tucker.



Still not convinced? Well our Clients LOVE us. See For Yourselves!