AYYYO! I'm Kat.

"Joyful Kat" - Photographer / Denver + Los Angeles + Nashville + Destination Weddings
Enneagram Type 7w8
I’m a boujee coffee drinker and I believe that Panera Bread is the best therapy.
I’m a Florida born, Tennessee raised, and Colorado livin Latina. I the person that loves going out dancing hard just as much as I love staying home for a week reading a self-help book or playing video games. 🤟🏽 (I’ll 100% confident that I'll beat you at Mario Kart, Guitar Hero, and Call of Duty). I also love the great outdoors just as much as I love the city life ✨
When I'm not traveling around the world, I'm hanging out with my boxer pup (because she’s the cutest puppy in the world). or binge watching New Girl and Queer Eye.
I’ve been running my business for over 5 years and absolutely love my job.
Though I’ve learned so much about myself, I’ve learned even more about the couples I’ve had the privilege to photograph—what makes them smile. Like, really smile. What puts them at ease. Who is important to them on their day. Which moments mean the most to them after the wedding is over.
I am obsessed with learning the way people love, how people struggle, how people are living their best lives, and what they are doing right now to grow to be better humans.

As much as I’m always down for a good time, I also take my work extremely seriously. I discovered photography in my early teens when life was challenging. It created a space where I could express myself in a place where it wasn’t allowed. It was my therapy. Those hard times helped me learn how to create art from my soul.

Fun Facts -I’m obsessed with my entrepreneur husband, and my ginormous collection of plants…that are currently dead but I can’t seem to let them go #RIP LOL

Exploring Hawaii with My Husband, Brett

Beaching it up in Greece

Finding Secret Swimming Holes

Eating Gyros in Greece!

And I'm NEVER Afraid to Chow Down on an In & Out Burger

Morning snuggles with my boxer, Lita :)

Doing my thaaang

Location Scouting for a Wedding in San Francisco

My Handsome Husband, Brett


Meet Lauren

"The Calming Energy" - Lead Photographer / Nashville
Enneagram Type 1w2
I am a mood board obsessed, outdoor loving, Atlanta native living in Nashville, TN with my corgi pup, Tucker.
My goal for your wedding day is to document it in its most natural state - one that is clean, timeless, and real. I resonate the most with images or words that evoke an immediate and genuine sense of rawness and honesty. I always fill this space with both.
I am more on the relaxed side when it comes to my approach but I know when it’s time to be reassuring and assertive with large groups of family and friends and getting the photographs that needs to be documented. I always have your back!
All in all, I am an open book, a sucker for love stories, and always down for an Enneagram talk. I cannot wait to hear from you!!


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