I'm Katherine. I'm based in Denver + Nashville

I’ve been building this biz for over 5 years now and have been photographing people for over 10 years. And though I’ve learned so much about myself, I’ve learned even more about the couples I’ve had the privilege to photograph—what makes them smile. Like, really smile. What puts them at ease. Who is important to them on their day. What photos will matter the most to my couples after their wedding day.
I've learned how to make photos that will be part of your legacy.
I’m a Florida born, Tennessee raised, and Colorado livin' woman. I'm a wife, a boxer dog owner and am a huge empath.
When you work with me, I will bring joy, love, and acceptance to you and every single person I meet!
When I'm not traveling around the world, I'm hanging out with my husband, my boxer pup (because she’s the cutest puppy in the world), hanging with my ginormous collection of plants…that are currently dead but I can’t seem to let them go #RIP LOL
I started my business in college. Five years later, I’ve grown this lil biz from a one-woman show to a team of incredibly talented photographers. LEMME INTRODUCE YOU!

I'm Ellie. I'm based in Nashville + NYC

I began photographing weddings in 2014 because I care deeply for people and holding spaces for sacred moments. My goal in photographing your wedding is to document the moments of joy, happiness, and emotion as they unfold.
I'm an observer, a listener, a peacemaker and with a side of sarcasm! I mold to the environment around me, whether it's fishing with my dad in my hometown in South Carolina, riding my bike through Brooklyn or going on a solo trip overseas! I find joy in most situations and its an honor to be involved in one of your most joyous days, document you, with your people! Your friends and family are my friends. Thanks for trusting me! :)

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I’m Emiley. I'm based in Denver, Colorado.

I'm usually wearing all black, naming a new house plant (Bradley the rubber tree is my favorite, thanks for asking), or hunting down a new coffee shop.

I’ve been shooting weddings for over 5 years and never get tired of all the love, emotions, and getting to meet the most wonderful and genuine couples. Being a part of such incredible moments brings me to life. I strive to notice and document each raw minute of your day –– the fleeting moments and the big feelings, alike.

I identify as an enneagram type 4w3 and INFJ … aka all. the. feels. I’m super chill and comforting throughout the day. I pinky promise to always contribute calm vibes throughout your day, in every situation.

While I, of course, love capturing portraits, it’s the intuitive, in-between moments that I go CRAZY for. Those fleeting touches, tears, giggles, and dance moves are my favorite.

When I’m not photographing, I’m exploring outside, cuddling my wildly cute (but very sassy) dog, eating a ton of traditional ramen, or blasting Radiohead while reading a book.

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I'm Lauren. I'm based in Nashville.

I am a mood board obsessed, outdoor loving, Atlanta native living in Nashville, TN.
I’m the GOOD type of OCD when it comes to photographing your wedding. Gimmie all the details because I will 1000% have your back making sure you always look flawless because I GOTCHU!
I’ll most likely be running around in a black turtleneck capturing the in-between moments to organizing all your family members for the perfect photo.
My dream day would start with an easy hike (ain’t no one got time for hills!), eating hundreds of tacos, and hanging with my corgi pup, Tucker.

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