I'm Katherine. It means "Pure"

I’ve been building this biz for over 10 years now. And though I’ve learned so much about myself, I’ve learned even more about the couples I’ve had the privilege to photograph—what makes them smile. Like, really smile. What puts them at ease. Who is important to them on their day. What photos will matter the most to my couples after their wedding day.
I've learned how to make photos that will be part of your legacy.

I’m a Florida born, Tennessee raised, and NC/CA livin' woman. I'm a dancer, a lover of astrology and am a huge empath.
When you work with me, I will bring joy, love, and acceptance to you and every single person I meet.
When I'm not traveling around the world, I'm hanging out with my friends, family and my ginormous collection of plants.

3 Years Old

Since I was a little girl, I was always passionate about photography.

I was given a camera at the age of 14, started making self-portraits and documented all my friends and family. I was the social butterfly at my school documenting all the events happening and sharing them on MySpace, Xanga, Facebook. (if ya know, ya know). In high school, I became the yearbook photographer, the newspaper photographer and I took it pretty seriously.
Then in college I shot my first wedding. I fell in love and I had to turn it into a business.
A photo my mother captured me at around age 3 with a tripod. How cool is it that I get to have a photo with foreshadowing my career that I get to be so passionate about!

I trust what you love and desire to create for your wedding
It’s not about making things look perfect
It’s about creating the feeling of what you want to create
So let’s flow together
And create together
The most magical wedding photos of your life

Real Reviews


What would you like to know about us and our wedding?

Whatever feels right for you to share with me.

What's the minimum amount of hours I can book you for?

My packages start a coverage of 6 hours.

How many pictures will we receive?

My 6 hour package covers a minimum of 400 pictures.

What if you haven’t shot at my venue?

75% of my weddings I photograph each year are new venues I've never photographed before. I'm extremely educated in finding the best light to make you all and your day beautifully documented in any and every location.

I arrive 1 hour before shooting your wedding to find the best locations for portraits and family formals.

Can we meet you?

If we are in the same city, yes of course! I'd love to meet in person. If we're miles away, we'll hop on a video call.

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