5 Tips when Creating Magical Photos with Your Partner on your phone

By Katherine Joy Photography

Let’s get to it, fam 🙂

1. Using Portrait Mode on your phone.

It creates a warmth to the image by softening the edges of the portrait and your skin. It also blurs the background if you aren’t into it!

2. Stand in front of a clutter free background.

If you want the background to be apart of the story to the image, find a space that is clean, great light and not too many distracting elements in the background.

For example, stand in front of clean wall or in front of an area that has beautiful decor, a beautiful landscape backdrop. Poles and signs for example can be a little distracting.

3. Use Flash when necessary — especially at night.

Using flash is a really fun way to create artistic flair to your images and to bring in more light into the image, especially at night.

If you have access to multiple flashes, even more fun.

I’ve been there, shooting weddings and events and people want the iPhone photos. I go to town and ask for multiple phone lights to light it UP! We make it fun, funny and a good time. Keynote: The more light the better 😉

4. In the indoors, use as much natural light as possible – like standing next to a window.

Photographing next to a window always makes you pop out. And to make your skin color more true to its natural color, to help create an even more natural skin color, sometimes turning off the lights in a room helps with making the color of your skin look more natural. This is great for larger windows. For smaller windows, it creates a moody look which can be fun too 🙂

5. Have the person in front of the lens just start losing it – AKA laughing for the camera

It can be obnoxious at first. And once you start it usually the real laughs come out and then it becomes an eventful moment with you and the photographer.

There ya have it!

5 tips that have helped me over the years take the best iPhone photos. I promise it’s not always about the type of camera. The lighting and background and energy makes the photo 🙂

Send me your photos after learning some of these tips! Would love to hear from you!




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