Seeing Stars For The First Time at a Joshua Tree Wedding Portrait Session

A Starry Night Joshua Tree Wedding Portrait Session | A Los Angeles Wedding Photographer 

There was nothing like witnessing Vanessa and Shane seeing stars for the first time during their Joshua Tree Portrait Session. They traveled all the way from their home in Singapore for their portrait session because they love the outdoors and have been dreaming to see the coolest trees ever, Joshua Trees.

They traveled in March, which is the perfect temperature, fresh air, and the gorgeous flowers that bloom at this time.

They never been able to see stars with their naked eyes before because of how much light pollution there is in Singapore. When we arrived at the park, we were in awe of how magical Joshua Tree was. It was quiet and peaceful.

During our time together, we laughed, we danced, we cried and took in every moment. It was a beautiful celebration in the most magical location.

From sunset to dusk, the moon became so bright that during our hike, we didn’t have to use any flashlights, the moonlight paved our way to our destination. And YES, Vanessa literally climbed, jumped and bouldered all over Joshua Tree for the photos! #ADVENTURE

At the end of the evening, we stopped on the side of the road, I told Vanessa and Shane to stand still as statues while I photographed long exposures of them holding each other. I also got on top of my car (I’m very committed)!

Thanks to the bright moonlight and my white car, we created magic together.

It was an honor to capture Vanessa and Shane’s elopement in the the brightest moonlight I’ve ever seen. As many times as I’ve visited Joshua Tree, it’s always the most life-giving, awe dropping experience. Love you all!

xo, Katherine Joy


Wedding Gown: BHLDN Tadashi Shoji Gown

Wedding Flowers: With Flourish 

Hair/Makeup: Blush and Adore



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