7 Ways to Have A Meaningful and Memorable Wedding

7 Ways to Have A Meaningful and Memorable Wedding

My goal as a wedding photographer is to capture raw and emotional moments that unfold throughout your wedding day. But to have meaningful moments throughout your day takes intentional planning. Here are 6 ways to have a meaningful and memorable wedding.

1. Get ready with the people that you can RELAX with and make you feel like a QUEEN.

Even if that means setting boundaries with any family members that can easily stress you out. This is the one day that you can truly focus on your needs for you to relax and have fun!

2. Set some time before the ceremony to have a moment with your bridesmaids and/or family to share a word with them telling them how thankful you are for them.

Or have your bridesmaids lay hands on you for a prayer. Something meaningful so that you can be present before walking down the isle to be united in marriage.

3.  Make it a priority to write out letters and/or buy a small gift to give to your family members before your wedding day.

Make sure to give the gift to them before the ceremony. There’s not many chances in life where you can express how you feel towards the ones you love.

4. Before your ceremony, have a moment with your dad (or mom or grandma or grandfather), someone special to you by letting them see you in your wedding dress before the ceremony.

It’s a moment captured that will be treasured for generations.

If not your dad, have a special moment by having your best friends see you in your wedding dress! It’s pretty special for them too!

5. Don’t be lazy and write PERSONAL vows to each other.

Get creative and use your own words. (If you rather not share your vows in front of all your guests, share them before the ceremony with one another and make sure to have your videographer record it so that you can listen to your vows each wedding anniversary).

6. Make sure your day has traditions or events that have meaning to YOU.

Claudia and PJ exited their ceremony by parading down the streets with a Mariachi Band and their wedding guests!

Ben and Libby LOVE motorcycles and incorporated their send off by riding their motorcycle into the abyss!

It meant a lot to Jiana and Aaron to have all the guests light up lanterns and sending them off to the sky.

Adam exited his wedding by picking up his wife and carrying her out!

Right before Anna’s exit, she grabbed her best friend and danced outside in the rain storm.

7. Be Present and Embrace Every Emotion.

Weddings have a way of bringing out so many emotions – Happiness, sadness, joy, fear, excitement and anticipation. My goal is to document the laughter, the tears, the embraces, the loud and quiet moments. My goal is to capture your day in the most authentic way possible. Be present and embrace every emotion.

I hope these ideas will help you plan ways to have meaningful moments in your wedding day. I’m not saying it’s bad to care about the wedding details. I personally LOVED getting super creative with my wedding with the flowers to the invitations to planning the party. All of that was SO fun but years from now, it’s not the most delicious meal or the most perfect flowers that will be talked about at your wedding, it’s the memories you had with the people that care the most for you.

If you feel like you connect with any of these and would like to chat about wedding photography, contact me because I would love to be apart of your wedding story!

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