A Nashville Backyard Wedding | Jiana and Aaron

A Nashville Boho Backyard Wedding // Jiana and Aaron

Jiana and Aaron are definitely the non-traditional type of couple. What mattered most to these two was to make sure they spent the most time with their best friends and family in a relaxed environment. To them that meant they ditched the old traditions like grand entrances, cake cutting, first dances, bouquet tosses (tons of big production stuff) and instead put yard games like jumbo jenga, Bag toss, kids playing on the golf cart, as well as lighting up lanterns and blasting fireworks…at the SAME TIME. Honestly the most entertaining part of the night was watching 50 guests light up lanterns without burning the whole place down. It was definitely a hit!

What made their wedding even more special was that Jiana and Aaron put so much DIY into the wedding. From Aaron making the ceremony teepee backdrop (pictured below) to Jiana buying all these fake flowers (you’d never even know)!

Lastly, here’s some of Jiana’s words written about their wedding from her and Aaron’s perspective:

Nothing about this day was flawless. Our table cloths were from the dollar store, my dress was the cheapest I could find, my shoes from old navy on sale for $7, my bouquet off of @ansleylogan‘s kitchen table, my bridesmaids bouquets made out of fake flowers that were given to me, a teepee made from trees in Aaron’s parents backyard, every detail of my wedding borrowed, and my best friends did my hair and make-up.

I think our wedding day foreshadowed a lot of what marriage is and is to come. Some days it’ll feel like fireworks shooting at you as you run away screaming, some days it’ll feel like you can’t stand within 10 feet from the blazing bonfire, some days it’ll be like watching dozens of fire-filled lanterns getting caught in the trees and hoping that the place doesn’t burn down. (All things that happened at our wedding) It’ll be messy, it’ll never be perfect. But you get to do it with the one you love and laugh at the mess later.

But thank God for friends who don’t care about the mess and are just willing to chow down on Mexican food and play yard games and dance all night. We are so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. It felt like one big hangout with the people we love.

So thankful to know these genuine souls inside and out. I wish you both many years of marriage.

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