East Tennessee Appalachian Outdoor Wedding | Anna & Dakota

East Tennessee Appalachian Outdoor Wedding | Anna & Dakota

This intimate outdoor East Tennessee wedding was one of my favorite weddings of the year, and I ain’t just saying that! (I’ll explain later!) When we arrived at the venue, we had the most stunning views of the Appalachian mountains.

When Anna and Dakota contacted me about their wedding, I was freaking out of excitement! I’ve known Anna and her bridesmaids for years and have photographed some of their weddings as well. It was also such a pleasure getting to know Dakota better during our engagement session. He’s def a keeper 😉

What made this wedding so special was that Anna and Dakota totally let go and have every single moment sink in and happen. Anna was also a true bohemian bride. She went the whole wedding barefoot! Even ran through tall grass, such an adventurous soul!

Some of my favorite moments from this this wedding day was when Anna’s dad sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding gown. Everyone was in tears, including myself!! Another favorite moment was when during the reception, a big thunderstorm rolled in. Anna LOVES thunderstorms. So instead of Anna running inside, she and her best friends ran outside and danced in the rain during the thunderstorm (photos at the end of the gallery).

There’s nothing like photographing a wedding with so much honesty, trust and deep rooted meaningful relationships with family, friends and each other. Thanks for trusting me to capture such an emotional and beautiful day with you both. You all are some of the most genuine intentional couples I have photographed!

Enjoy these tunes while scrolling through 🙂

 The stone that is pictured below, Dakota bought it when he was in Kenya! Anna’s family has so many roots in Kenya and he was determined to get the stone from there!  One of my favorite moments, Daddy and daughter first look!      Anna dancing during the thunderstorm with her besties!  


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