Nashville Romantic Long Hollow Gardens Wedding

On July 23rd, 2016 Leah and Mojo, two beautiful people inside and out made the biggest commitment of their lives to the Lord, their family, friends and each other.

Not only was Leah and Mojo’s wedding was a magical garden wedding but most importantly their hearts and commitment to marriage was even more beautiful. You could see the deep love Leah and Mojo have for each other through their handwritten vows as they tear up expressing themselves in front of the Lord, their families and friends and each other. They also have the best of friends that love and support them so well.

 When the bridesmaids are PROS at gigging!

When Beyonce Comes on… know it turns into a party. My favorite moment was the Father-Daughter First look. You could see how much Leah’s dad absolutely adores his daughter in his tears, holding her so tight and close to him. Everyone was in TEARS y’all.  

Leah’s maid of honor, Anna Tolan was such a servant throughout their whole wedding day. Anna was always there for her when she needed her. Brought me to tears just seeing her being such a servant.

“Can this be over already?!” LOL


Wedding Coordinator: Alex Cantrell

Florist: Lisa Groveman

Cake Artist: Hannah Huffins

Catering: Sugar & Spice Catering

Videographer: Leslie Newman


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